Indie Jewelry Stores

by Jared Flint, 07/30/2013

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  • Scosha
    64 Grand St., 718-387-4618, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
    After spending a few years traveling the globe, Scosha Woolridge became fascinated by how jewelry was worn and used by peoples everywhere from India to far up the Amazon River. The Australian landed in New York City, determined to launch her own jewelry line and in 2007 Scosha was born. Today the store is unique in that it serves as atelier, office and retail space. The vertically integrated business model suits the ethos behind the brand: though divided into men's and women's, most of the pieces feel appropriate for either gender. Nylon bracelets and necklaces fit nicely together with finer pieces like hammered 14k-gold solitaires and emerald-drop earrings. A variety of price points means you can walk out with a guilt-free impulse buy—or a set of wedding bands.

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