just for men: nyc's sartorial revolution

by Michael Slenske

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  • Smith + Butler
    225 Smith St., 718-855-4295, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn,

    You've gotta love menswear purveyors whose inventory explicitly caters to the "nomadic biker lifestyle" à la Steve McQueen and Billy Jack. At their Smith + Butler boutique, housed in a converted prewar pharmacy in Carroll Gardens, Marylynn Piotrowski and Jay Alaimo hawk masculine jackets (Filson, Barbour) and button-downs (Woolrich, Pendleton) alongside classic Levi's and Red Wings. "Our men feel at home in Brooklyn and don't need to trek to Manhattan for shopping anymore," says Piotrowski, who also co-owns Montauk's Tauk boutique and sets up her wares at the Brooklyn Flea from time to time.

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