Seoul Food: Dining in Koreatown

by Joanna Weinstein, 10/12/2011

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  • Dduk Tak
    28 W. 32nd St., 212-714-2266
    Koreatown meets the American South at Dduk Tak, with a dish that rivals Korean barbecue and classic soju: fried chicken and beer. Formerly known as Forte Baden Baden, this sports bar lies above Haru Hanu, one of K-town's only Japanese sushi bars. And despite the name change, Dduk Tak still serves up the same scrumptious menu, making the mazelike journey to the restaurant's entrance well worth it. Cooked on a rotisserie and deep-fried to order, the chicken is delectable—you might be willing to trade a day's worth of Weight Watchers' points for the crispy skin alone. The chicken is accompanied by caramelized garlic cloves, pickled daikon and crunchy french fries that can be topped with a squeeze of spicy vinegar, bottles of which can be found on every table. Fun fact: Dduk Tak is also the name of a Korean wine bar in Seoul, although fried chicken is definitely not its signature dish.

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