London's Calling (You to Dinner)

by Julie Besonen, 05/16/2012

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  • Park Slope ChipShop
    383 Fifth Ave., 718-832-7701, Park Slope, Brooklyn
    Fancy some proper fish-and-chips? ChipShop's is cracking—the slab of golden, battered cod atop a mound of fries is faithful to what you'd find wrapped in newspaper in Ye Olde London Town. Other British bygone touches include Benny Hill posters on the walls, British New Wave music from the speakers and laminated tabletops featuring old coins and tabloid images of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. While it's possible to get a lightly dressed mesclun salad, blimp-out food is more the point here. They'll deep-fry anything, from portobello mushrooms and pizza to Mars bars and Twinkies. There's also steak-and-kidney pie, Welsh rarebit, treacle pudding, English beer, hard cider and $5 house plonk. The weekday recession-special lunch is a good value, with fish, chips and a salad selling for $7.

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