Match Makers: NYC Wedding Vendors

by Joanna Citrinbaum, 01/27/2014

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    Do Yourself a Favor
    Think about it: do you really want guests to remember your wedding with something that sits on a shelf and collects dust? Give them something novel and tasteful—something edible. The bite-size confections at Jacques Torres Chocolate will symbolize the sweet life in store for you and your love. Visit any of the City's four main locations (there's also an ice-cream shop) to select the candy that will fill the shop's milk-chocolate-colored two- or four-piece boxes. Popular choices include Heart of Passion (an Alizé- and passion-fruit-filled, heart-shaped milk or dark chocolate), Love Potion #9 (made up of 60% dark chocolate) and Love Bug (a white chocolate with key lime ganache on the inside and a cartoon ladybug on the outside). If you're looking for something other than chocolate, however, head to Eleni's. Surprise everyone with fancy edible-image cupcakes or cookies, or give your guests NYC- or wedding-themed cookies that are so adorable they almost won't want to eat them. Even if everyone consumes their favors the same day as your wedding, they won't be forgotten any time soon.

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