Match Makers: NYC Wedding Vendors

by Joanna Citrinbaum, 01/27/2014

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    When you want to remember all the fun you had at your wedding—whether it's months after the event or years later—you're going to turn to your photos. Hence why it's important to hire a photographer whose artistic style makes you smile. Ande Whyland, whose work has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, among other publications, has been a photographer for about 20 years. She takes care to document her subjects—and all the little details—discreetly, so as to not get in the way. Pictures are put on a DVD, ready for clients before they leave town. Together, Whyland's portraits and candids tell a story fitting of any fairy-tale NYC wedding. Remember Forever got its start as a portrait and wedding photography operation in Australia and has since expanded its reach, with a New York City branch that can take care of all you photographic needs for the big day. The photographer will also meet with you well in advance to take a portrait that can be displayed at the reception. 

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