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by Anna Balkrishna

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  • The City is officially obsessed with food trucks. New Yorkers have a long, proud history of selling cheap eats on wheels—hot dogs, huaraches, kebabs and mystery meat cooked straight from a rickety sidewalk cart. But lately, mobile meals have become seriously upscale. It's a trend that seems to know no bounds: gourmet food trucks now peddle everything from grass-fed beef to premium ice cream. And the mere rumor of a new truck sighting sends the foodie blogosphere into delirium. (David Chang, we're looking at you.) In honor of the Vendy Awards on September 26, we've compiled a list of some of the best gourmet food trucks in town. They do move around, but you can follow most of them on Twitter for their daily whereabouts and even menu updates. So get out there, and get eating!

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