meals on wheels

by Anna Balkrishna

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  • CupcakeStop
    It was only a matter of time before two major foodie crazes, cupcakes and trucks, combined to create one unstoppable snacking force. CupcakeStop bakes its treats in two sizes—regular and mini—so that you can mix and match without feeling like you, well, ate an entire box of cupcakes. The flavors go way beyond vanilla and chocolate and rotate constantly, which means you might find peanut butter and jelly one day and key lime the next. We're not exactly sure what flavor the "psychedelic tie dye" cupcake represents, but it'll probably turn your mouth blue. Customers are even invited to submit flavor ideas; if your suggestion is chosen, you'll be sent 100 cupcakes in your variety!

    Follow CupcakeStop at twitter.com/cupcakestop.

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