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by Christina Parrella, 05/14/2013

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  • New York City Zoos
    The five boroughs' zoos are home to some of the world's most elusive creatures. With more than 6,000 animals, the Bronx Zoo remains the City's most prominent wildlife refuge, the largest metropolitan example in the United States. Sea lions, snow leopards and grizzly bears already reside on its 265 acres, but this summer, the institution is expanding its offerings—to dinosaurs. Beginning Memorial Day weekend, animatronic models of prehistoric carnivores and omnivores—yes, including a T. rex— will be on the grounds as part of Dinosaur Safari. In Manhattan, meanwhile, the Central Park Zoo contains more than 130 species, including poison dart frogs, red pandas and plenty of baby animals in the Tisch Children's Zoo. In Brooklyn, the Prospect Park Zoo's Discovery Trail gives visitors an opportunity to navigate through the terrain while encountering dingoes, prairie dogs and kangaroos. Visit the Queens Zoo to see plump 26-pound bunnies, Andean bears and the world's smallest (and cutest) deer. Or head to the Staten Island Zoo, which boasts the popular "Fear Zone"—featuring venomous reptiles, a tropical forest and two recently added bat-eared foxes.

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