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by Alyssa Grossman, 09/12/2012

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  • Staten Island Museum 
    Take a trip on the ferry this fall and spend the day exploring this culture-packed institution. Just two blocks from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, the museum pays homage to its borough through artifacts, art and history. Shows are on the eclectic side—you'll find a four-legged chicken, dinosaur footprints and North America's largest cicada collection on display within its halls. In the permanent exhibition Staten Island Ferry: The First 100 Years of Municipal Service, discover the story of the borough's main mode of transportation, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2005. Throughout the year, the museum hosts free bird and ecology walks, science workshops and other special events for those looking to go beyond the exhibitions.

    For more information on Staten Island history and attractions, download the "Ferry Rider's Guide" from (Look for the link on the bottom right side of the page.)

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