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by Christina Parrella and Jeremy Lehrer, 03/04/2014

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  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum 
    Situated on an old World War II aircraft carrier docked in the Hudson River, this floating museum holds some of the most impressive air, space and sea vessels ever built. Visitors looking to explore aviation's history will appreciate the nearly two dozen restored aircrafts on board as well as the British Airways Concorde, which once made the transatlantic journey in under three hours. The museum's current exhibition, Masters of Disguise: the World of Camouflage (March 6–August 24) surveys the truest masters of disguise: animals. It reveals the art and science of how fauna effortlessly blend into the surrounding environment as a means of survival. Through digital imagery, artifacts and interactive elements, visitors will learn about such camouflaging techniques as obscuring, mimicry and countershading.

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