Must-See Astoria

by Adam Kuban, 10/22/2014 [Updated 12/18/2015]

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  • Shopping
    Astoria is largely residential but does offer some unique shopping experiences. Among them is recently opened Lockwood, which stocks chic decor items; locally made clothing, food and accessories; and kitchen gear. For more shopping nearby, Loveday 31 specializes in vintage clothing and jewelry from local designers. Astoria has always been family friendly but is experiencing a baby boom of late. Getting back to food, two must-see grocery destinations are Titan Foods, a Greek grocery store so beloved that regional expats arrange tour buses to visit the shop and stock up on food, and Muncan Food Corp., a charcuterie that initially specialized in Eastern European sausages but soon began re-creating the cured meats of other countries in response to the culinary leanings of Astoria's pan-ethnic population. Alongside its original Serbo-Croatian sausages are chorizo, made at the request of Muncan's Mexican employees, and pork-free products, for the neighborhood's Muslim residents.

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