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Must-See Brighton Beach: 13 Great Things to See and Do

by Laura Kusnyer, 01/01/2010

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  • Gambrinus
    3100 Ocean Pkwy., 718-265-1009
    King Gambrinus is the patron saint of beer, which should give you a good idea of what to expect at this Russian fish palace in Brighton Beach. Nautically minded patrons lured by the cannons, life buoys and barrels lining the restaurant's facade won't be disappointed by its interior, which is manned by a fleet (pun intended) of waiters in sailor suits and boasts a ship-shaped bar. Gambrinus' maritime theme extends to its menu, which is seafood-centric, to say the least: in addition to classic items like caviar, smoked salmon, herring and a wide variety of shellfish preparations, diners can choose from an extensive selection of sushi and sashimi dishes. And with 12 draft beers on tap—including some Russian and Eastern-European favorites—and plenty of vodka, expect to be reasonably boozed-up by the time you're finished eating.
    –Niko Gelfars

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