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Must-See Brooklyn Heights

by Peter Terzian, Harrison Peck and Andrew Rosenberg, 03/05/2014

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  • The "Fruit Streets" 
    In the northern reaches of the Heights you'll come across some unusually named streets (at least for this area): Pineapple, Orange and Cranberry. The origins of the appellations are not entirely clear: One theory goes that in the mid-19th century a Miss Middagh, enraged by the practice of prominent families naming streets for themselves, ripped down street signs and replaced them with the fruit names (ironically, there's a Middagh Street nearby); another goes that the early owners of this land sold exotic fruits. Whatever the case, these peaceful, tree-lined blocks have some of the most attractive homes—deco, Greek Revival and otherwise—in the neighborhood. The charmingly downscale Brooklyn Heights Cinema, one of the oldest indie theaters in the City, is at the corner of Orange and Henry Streets; closer to the Promenade find the recently carved out Fruit Street Sitting Area, a small circular space that was briefly enlivened (or defaced, depending on your perspective) in late 2013 by a Banksy tag. —AR

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