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Must-See Brooklyn Heights

by Peter Terzian, Harrison Peck and Andrew Rosenberg, 03/05/2014 [Updated 02/17/2016]

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  • Montero’s Bar and Grill
    73 Atlantic Ave., 718-624-9799
    Perhaps you missed the saga of the life preserver stolen from this gritty bar, once a longshoreman’s hangout and still full of nautical accoutrements. Maybe, for some reason, you haven't shown up for a spirited karaoke session on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. We'll forgive you, but you still should find the time to visit the family-run spot, started back in 1945. The facade is marked by a classic neon sign overhead and a curved glass wall (which echoes the shape of the glass bar inside) fronting the sidewalk. The ambience is completed by a crowd of regulars, beers served in bottles, a cheap pool table and no grill to speak of; they just don’t make 'em like this anymore. —AR

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