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Must-See Bushwick

by Jessica Allen, 09/05/2012 [Updated 10/20/2015]

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  • Street Art Murals
    Along Moore Street, White Street, Seigel Street, Troutman Avenue and Gardner Avenue
    Bushwick's vibrant art scene even extends past gallery walls and into the streets. Individuals and organizations work with property owners to spruce up desolate concrete with multihued messages. For instance, the Morgan Walls, around the corner from Roberta's, feature a rotating roster of styles, frequently centered on a theme but open to flights of fancy. Many pieces in the neighborhood were executed as part of Bushwick Open Studios, an annual June event in which artists welcome the public into their workspaces. A few years back CEC ArtsLink, which seeks to foster cultural exchange between the United States and 37 countries and regions overseas, invited the Russian artists known as Concrete Jungle to transform a wall into a black-and-white playful scene of bears in a forest, down the block from Northeast Kingdom. Another collective, the NYC-based Robots Will Kill, often paints in and around Bushwick, including along the auto body shops and factories at Ingraham Street and Gardner Avenue. Working legally lets the group develop intricate, large-scale murals. Of course, part of what makes this type of art appealing is its ephemerality: here one day, potentially gone tomorrow, due to weather, defacement, billboards or other large-scale advertising or the chance for another artist to make a mark on the world.

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