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Must-See Bushwick

by Jessica Allen, 09/05/2012 [Updated 10/20/2015]

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  • Circo's Pastry Shop 
    312 Knickerbocker Ave., 718-381-2292
    You don't need a time machine to discover what a cannolo tasted like during World War II—just head here and try one. Circo's Pastry Shop uses the same recipe as it did when it first opened in 1945. The shop itself feels unchanged as well, with an assortment of plastic-wrapped birthday and anniversary cakes hanging from the walls, counter staff clad in light blue aprons and rows of fruit tarts, cream puffs and butter cookies—baked fresh daily—occupying the glass cases. Don't expect to see any cannoli on display, because those are filled to order in the back. If you're truly hungry, opt for the "family cannoli," about the size of a loaf of bread and stuffed with 30 mini versions. Whatever you get, find a bench at nearby Maria Hernandez Park, named for an activist who was murdered for trying to evict drug dealers from the area in 1989. Listening to kids laugh and old folks gossip, or watching one of the incredibly intense volleyball games, will sweeten any dessert. 

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