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Must-See Central Park

by Heather Liang, 05/15/2013

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  • Huddlestone Arch 
    Central Park is home to 21 arches, and while each one is spectacular in its own right, the Huddlestone Arch has a special story to tell. It's built from enormous uncut boulders—one of which is said to weigh 100 tons—and is supported not by mortar, concrete or metal but by gravity and friction alone. The arch also supports traffic that passes above and has done so since it was constructed in 1866 without ever needing a repair. This miracle of physics is thought by many to be the most picturesque of all the arches, and though it's man-made, it gives the appearance of a natural phenomenon. In the spring, beautiful yellow forsythias bloom and hang over the entrance of the arch. Nestled in the serene setting of the Ravine, Huddlestone Arch sits at the center of the park near 105th Street and feels worlds away from the big city.

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