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Must-See Coney Island

by staff, 05/13/2014 [Updated 05/20/2015]

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  • The Cyclone
    834 Surf Ave., 718-373-5862
    Think "Coney Island" and this roller coaster is likely the first image that comes to mind. Heck, think "roller coaster" and the Cyclone might be the first thing that comes to mind. The ride's famous 85-foot first drop and harrowing barrage of 60-mile-per-hour twists and turns have inspired extreme reactions of either fanatical devotion or lifelong terror since 1927. Just ask the ride's biggest enthusiasts—the fear that your car might fly off the track at any time is part of the fun. Riding in the front car affords riders the best view, while sitting in the rear gives the feeling of greater speed. Whether you ride or just watch (and listen to the screams), it's a must-visit summertime destination.

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