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by staff, 05/13/2014 [Updated 05/20/2015]

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  • The Thunderbolt
    West 16th Street and the Boardwalk, 718-373-5862
    Much of the excitement in Coney Island in the past couple of years has centered on the Thunderbolt, the first custom-built roller coaster to be constructed on the grounds since the Cyclone back in 1927. The ride, which features 2,000 feet of steel track, a vertical lift (and subsequent vertical drop of some 115 feet), a 100-foot loop and a corkscrew, is a modern spin on the classic Coney Island coaster of the same name. It occupies the same patch of turf next to the boardwalk as the first Thunderbolt—the twisty, turny wooden roller coaster immortalized in the film Annie Hall. The original was shut down in 1982, after nearly 60 years of operation, and demolished in 2000.

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