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Must-See Corona

by Michael Hsu, 03/17/2014 [Updated 09/09/2015]

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  • Rincon Criollo
    40-09 Junction Blvd., 718-458-0236
    Empanadas Cafe
    56-27 Van Doren St., 718-592-7288
    The best way to experience the cultural diversity of Corona is with your taste buds. Rincon Criollo opened in 1976 as the offshoot of a family restaurant in Santiago de Las Vegas in Havana, Cuba. This is the spot for traditional Cuban dishes, like a super-flavorful ropa vieja (shredded beef simmered in tomato sauce with onions and green peppers), rabo encendido (slow-cooked oxtail) and a simple Cubano sandwich. Meanwhile, Empanadas Cafe serves up crisp gourmet versions of its signature dish; its nearly 30 varieties of empanadas include the savory (chorizo and potato), the sweet (Nutella with banana) and a blend of the two (ham, cheese and pineapple).

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