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Must-See East Village

by staff, 03/03/2015

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  • Vintage Shopping and Specialty Stores
    If your taste in clothing favors the campy and vintage, the East Village is for you. Exhibit A: Screaming Mimi's, where Cyndi Lauper used to work and Louis C.K. has been known to score duds for his daughters. There, you'll find the likes of tweed Chanel suits, Vivienne Westwood tops, acid-washed jeans and leather jackets that could've been pulled from your mom's closet. Just as colorful—although frequently more plastic—are the goods at Patricia Field, where racks of glittery, lacy, feathery and leathery items await. There's also an in-store salon that provides hair and makeup services.


    Curate your closet with vintage finds on 9th Street; the stretch between Avenue A and Second Avenue is home to tiny yet well-stocked boutiques like 9th Street Haberdashery and Dusty Buttons. The former carries clothing and accessories from before the 1960s, while the latter specializes in vintage clothing from the '40s through the '60s (and includes some new duds to boot). The street is also home to Mr. Throwback, which houses a colorful collection of sports ephemera from the 1980s and '90s, as well as whimsical jewelry shop Verameat.


    Also on 9th Street is the Upper Rust, an antiques shop that somewhat resembles a maritime cottage. Inside you'll find furniture and general housewares for all tastes. Those with more peculiar leanings in home collectibles will love Obscura Antiques & Oddities, where you'll find such unconventional decor options as vintage mannequins, petrified bugs and embalming-fluid bottles. Sneakerheads should consider dropping by concept shop DQM for everything from limited-edition sneakers to hoodies and special-edition skateboards. —CP

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