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Must-See East Village

by staff, 03/03/2015

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  • Old Media Bonanza
    Finding good deals on classic and current books is an easy feat in the East Village. The massive area mainstay The Strand, which encompasses several floors, has a trove of used books and deep discounts on some newer releases. Also recommended: Mast Books, whose devotees rave about the selection of used literature and art books.


    Music fans will want to head to A-1 Records, Good Records and Other Music, which, between them, carry practically everything you could ever want on vinyl. St. Mark's Comics is jammed with the self-explanatory as well as toys and T-shirts. Equally noteworthy is Forbidden Planet, which carries comics, graphic novels, manga, anime and gear for alternative hobbies like sci-fi and role-playing games.


    Speaking of nerd culture, old-school gamers will be floored by the selection at 8-Bit and Up and Video Games New York. The latter is practically a video game museum: name a vintage system, and they'll almost surely have it. (Last time we were in there, we saw a Vectrex!)


    While you'd be hard pressed to find many video stores these days (RIP, Kim's, where the clerks never approved of your choices), Two Boots pizzeria maintains a display of favorites from their former days as a rental emporium; and the eatery shows movies on a big screen in the dining area. —Jonathan Zeller

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