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Must-See Flushing

by Michael Hsu, 01/28/2014 [Updated 02/04/2015]

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  • The Chinese-immigrant population of Flushing, Queens, surpassed that of Manhattan's Chinatown years ago. Roughly two-thirds of the residents in this bustling Queens neighborhood are foreign born—the vast majority of them coming from Asia. Whether you're looking for the most authentic Asian cuisine, an ancient herbal remedy or an impossible-to-find Japanese comic book, Flushing is the place to go. The neighborhood also happens to be home to some of the City's best attractions, including world-class sports venues, lush gardens and performance spaces. So hop on the 7 subway train to the Flushing/Main St. stop for dinner or make a day trip out of touring the various museums; you'll find that Flushing's offerings are as diverse as its residents. Read on for more.


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