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Must-See Flushing

by Michael Hsu, 01/28/2014 [Updated 02/04/2015]

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  • Voelker Orth Museum
    149-19 38th Ave., 718-359-6227
    Unique in both scale and mission, the Voelker Orth Museum is a single-family home and property turned urban garden and bird sanctuary. The museum's meticulously maintained grounds are a living record of a Victorian-era garden. All of the plants and flowers on display were popular during the period and continue to be hand-pruned and fertilized naturally, as would have been done back in the day. The garden's berry bushes and trees attract butterflies (including monarchs and swallowtails) and local and migrating birds (such as hummingbirds, mockingbirds and orioles). The museum also offers workshops on a variety of horticultural and related topics, such as beekeeping and terrarium gardening.

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