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Must-See Flushing

by Michael Hsu, 01/28/2014

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  • Tai Pan Bakery
    37-25 Main St., 718-888-1111
    Paris Baguette
    156-24 Northern Blvd., 718-961-0404
    136-17 39th Ave., 718-713-0404
    One of Flushing's most popular mega-bakeries, Tai Pan feels like a cross between a café and a food court. Located on one of the neighborhood's busiest streets, Tai Pan can be packed during peak hours, so be prepared to squeeze in tight with the locals at one of the no-frills stainless-steel tables. In addition to a variety of classic Chinese sweets (egg custards and super-airy sponge cakes), Tai Pan serves savory fare, like pork buns and curry beef pies. The drinks menu is extensive and includes, of course, bubble milk teas in a range of flavors and blended fruit drinks. The Korean-owned Paris Baguette has a French theme (the staff wear black-and-white striped shirts and berets) and classic patisserie offerings like croissants, fruit tarts and macarons, but its true specialty are East-meets-West sweets, like green-tea cakes topped with blueberries, black-sesame lattes and a creamy, panna-cotta-like "Royal Milk Pudding."


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