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Must-See Greenpoint

by Matthew Schneier, 06/12/2012

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  • Lomzynianka
    646 Manhattan Ave., 718-389-9439
    Greenpoint's unofficial slogan could be "Polish Spoken Here." Since the tail end of the 19th century, the neighborhood has been a hub of immigrants, and few have made their presence more known or felt than the Poles. Along Manhattan Avenue, signs and storefronts in Polish abound, as do a number of tiny old-world restaurants serving traditional Polish cuisine. Food snobs debate the merits of various establishments' veal meatballs in white sauce, but the finest of the bunch in our opinion are at Lomzynianka—that's "the girl from Lomza," in honor of its chef and proprietress, who hails from the northeastern Polish town. The decor is grandma's-house dressy (a shaded lamp on every table, silk flowers) with the occasional foray into the odd (an antlered stag head—turns out Freeman's honcho Taavo Somer and the hip kids don't have the sole patent on those). The borscht is no longer a buck a cup as it was in the not-so-old days, but you'll still be hard-pressed to spend more than $40 on dinner for two. So go ahead—have that extra blintz.

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