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Must-See Hell's Kitchen

by David Sokol, 07/08/2014 [Updated 12/29/2015]

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    If you've made it to this point in our slideshow, chances are you're a fan of the stage. After all, were it not for the presence of the Theatre District, Hell's Kitchen may as well be Murray Hill. To feel like a real industry insider, step behind the curtain and into Hell's Kitchen's vibrant creative community. The Drama Book Shop is the first stop for doing so. The store has worked so diligently to stock esoteric manuscripts, new vocal scores and many other professional reference materials that it won the Tony Honor for Excellence in the Theatre in 2011, on its 94th birthday.


    Just as you will potentially find yourself browsing the shelves of the Drama Book Shop alongside emerging actors and playwrights, a trip to LaDuca Shoes may produce a glimpse of a celebrity fitting. Numerous Broadway hoofers swear by Phil LaDuca's Italian-made character and custom shoes, for their glove-like fit and comfort. Although the former dancer and his clientele definitely warrant rubbernecking, his lay collection of women's shoes provides legitimate reason to enter the shop. The same goes for the makeup resource Alcone, where the trade accouterments include prosthetics and fake blood. You may not require such specialties, but bargain products like fake eyelashes and makeup remover will get you through the door, and tips from the sales associates will have you feeling like a pro. Of course, don't get so involved that you forget to attend the theater itself! You can buy those tickets here

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