Must-See Jackson Heights

by Jessica Allen, 09/19/2014

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  • Little India
    Jackson Diner
    37-47 74th St., 718-672-1232
    Delhi Heights
    37-66 74th St., 718-507-1111
    Dosa Delight
    35-66 73rd St., 718-397-1000
    Rajbhog Foods
    72-27 37th Ave., 718-458-8512
    Maharaja Quality Sweets & Snacks
    73-10 37th Ave., 718-505-2680
    Ask a New Yorker to recommend a good neighborhood for Indian food, and you'll most likely be steered toward Jackson Heights. Ask for a specific recommendation, and you'll be told to visit Jackson Diner. The heart of Queens' Little India is 74th Street between Roosevelt and 37th Avenues, and Jackson Diner is almost smack in the middle. This neighborhood institution has been serving food from North and South India since 1980. The abundant lunch buffet is particularly packed. Delhi Heights also features a beloved buffet, as well as entrées from the tandoor, a clay oven. The all-vegetarian Dosa Delight lives up to its name and does do delightful dosas. A specialty of the southern subcontinent, these pancakes are made from lentils and rice flour, then wrapped around fiery potatoes, spinach, cheese and even chocolate and cashews. Speaking of sweet stuff, Little India has several snack shops selling savory fare like chaat, as well as colorful mithai (sweets). Rajbhog and Maharaja both boast ginormous selections, from hot pink cham cham (made from milk and sugar) to coconut-covered gulab jamun (like a syrup-drenched donut hole) to fudge-like burfi sprinkled with chopped pistachios.

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