Must-See Jackson Heights

by Jessica Allen, 09/19/2014

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  • Tastes of Latin America
    La Cabaña Argentina
    86-07 Northern Blvd., 718-426-5977
    El Pequeño Coffee Shop
    86-10 Roosevelt Ave., 718-205-7128
    86-20 37th Ave., 718-672-2224
    Tierras Salvadoreñas Restaurant
    94-16 37th Ave., 718-672-0853
    Cositas Ricas
    79-19 Roosevelt Ave., 718-478-1500
    La Boina Roja Steak House
    80-22 37th Ave., 718-424-6711
    Mama's Empanadas
    85-05 Northern Blvd., 718-505-9937
    La Gran Uruguaya
    85-06 37th Ave., 718-505-0404
    Almost every country in Central and South America has a representative eatery in Jackson Heights: the steaks and wine of Argentina can be found at La Cabaña Argentina; the juices and soups of Ecuador at El Pequeño Coffee Shop; the ceviche and other seafood preparations of Peru at Urubamba; and the pupusas of El Salvador at Tierras Salvadoreñas Restaurant. You can get your fill of Colombian food like caldo de costillo (short rib soup) and chicharrónes (deep-fried pork rind), with lulo juice to drink, any time the craving hits at the always open, neon-lit Cositas Ricas. La Boina Roja has a following equally devoted to its restaurant and its butcher shop. Local chain Mama's Empanadas makes a variety of these stuffed, fried pastries, including chorizo, rice and beans, and for dessert, fig, caramel and cheese. La Gran Uruguaya displays row after row of delicacies like cakes, flan and macarons. Can't decide what you want to try? Long lines at this bakery and café will give you plenty of time to consider your options—and keep in mind that everything goes well with café con leche. 

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