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Must-See Long Island City

by Michael Hsu, 09/23/2014

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  • MoMA PS1
    22-25 Jackson Ave., 718-784-2084
    MoMA PS1 has no permanent collection (its focus is on presenting art rather than warehousing it), which is what gives the museum its improvisational feel. You'll find work from artists of all stripes scattered in just about every corner of this sprawling 100-room building (built in 1892 as a public primary school). This includes its rooftop, stairwells and boiler-room basement, where you'll find Sol LeWitt's Crayola Square, which the artist created for an earlier incarnation of the museum. In addition to that and other long-term installations, the space holds temporary exhibitions that focus on diverse subjects: say, dance choreography, hip-hop or the artist's place in society. On Sundays, the museum hosts Sunday Sessions, a variety of performance programming and lectures. The on-site restaurant, M. Wells Dinette—brought to you by a couple of celebrated Montreal transplants—attracts foodies in droves. They come for specialties like veal brains, bison tartare and various esoteric combinations (foie gras and oatmeal?) from an ever-changing menu.

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