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Must-See NoLIta and Little Italy

by Christopher Wallace, 03/19/2013

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  • Sundowners and Nightcaps
    In NYC, and particularly in Manhattan, no neighborhood is complete without its watering holes. Whether you're searching for a genial place to loosen the tie after a long day, for a late-night spot that never lets a party say die, or anything in between, NoLIta's drinkeries do not disappoint. Aside from having the greatest bar name in history, Sweet & Vicious on Spring Street also has a superb happy hour. The space is ample, is mellow in that dive-y way and is comfortingly tinged with the fragrance of foamy hops; the huge back patio is an exemplary refuge for summertime day drinking. If you're making a night of it, the downstairs tequila bar at La Esquina is a great place to start (though it can be harder to get into than Harvard). If you do somehow charm your way past the bouncers and pass through the nondescript door that grants you access to the downstairs space, there are fine sippin' añejos and table-dancing shots to be had. On those evenings when you're still raring to go after drinks here, Inga will keep the lights on for you. The latest venture from club impresario Travis Bass, Inga, named after Bass' former romp in the back room at the now-defunct White Slab Palace, has all the trappings of his former parties: models, socialites and a general lack of inhibition. 

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