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Must-See NoLIta and Little Italy

by Christopher Wallace, 03/19/2013

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  • Supreme Beings
    Believe it or not, New York City has a vibrant skate and surf culture, and NoLIta is its hub. Exhibit A: the staggering line, often several dozen deep, awaiting new merch dropping at James Jebbia's Supreme flagship on Lafayette. Opened in 1994 (after Jebbia parted ways with streetwear king Shawn Stussy), the store initially capitalized on its desolate location as a site for skateboarding. The label is now recognized worldwide for its savvy guerilla promotions as well as partnerships with artists and celebrities ranging from Richard Prince and Chloë Sevigny to Kermit the Frog. 

    A few blocks south, Saturdays Surf on Crosby Street has, since its opening in 2009, become the hang for Endless Summer–style slackers. The backyard deck is a perfect spot to sip on La Colombe coffee and geek out over big wave action shots at the Far Rockaway rips. Closer at hand, the renovated Petrosino Square is a de facto meetup for skaters, whose kickflipping provides entertainment to those sitting in adjacent cafés. 

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