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Must-See St. George

by Harrison Peck and Christina Parrella, 02/25/2013

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  • 04 sept11memorial_v2_460x285.jpg
  • Staten Island September 11 Memorial
    North Shore Waterfront Esplanade
    Following the September 11 attacks, then-Borough President James Molinaro made a commitment to honor the 274 Staten Islanders who lost their lives on that date and in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing by constructing an inspiring, reflective space. Out of approximately 200 submissions, architect Masayuki Sono's design—entitled Postcards, to represent notes sent to lost loved ones—was selected. Dedicated on the third anniversary of the tragedy, the memorial is simultaneously somber and hopeful, consisting of two white structures tilted away from one another, perfectly framing the location across the harbor where the Twin Towers once stood. Each of the deceased is honored with a granite plaque inscribed with his or her name, birth date, place of work and profile in silhouette. The monument sits on the North Shore Waterfront Esplanade, right next to the Richmond County Bank Ballpark. —HP

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