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Must-See St. George

by Harrison Peck and Christina Parrella, 02/25/2013

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  • Ruddy & Dean
    44 Richmond Terrace, 718-816-4400
    Ruddy & Dean is to Staten Island what Peter Luger is to Brooklyn—the borough's ultimate destination for juicy slabs of meat, creamy sides and gentlemanly camaraderie. As an added bonus to its succulent cuts, Ruddy & Dean features an open-air rooftop patio (closed in cold weather) where patrons can gaze out over the Manhattan skyline and New York Harbor as the fleet of orange ferries shuttles passengers between the two islands. The menu is, naturally, designed for the most hard-core of carnivores (ordering a steak well-done is explicitly "not recommended"), though a selection of salads, seafood and other forms of protein balance the offerings. —HP

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