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by Jessica Allen, 02/05/2013

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  • Step Up Your Stepping Out
    Brandy Library boasts "the biggest collection of brown spirits in New York," more than 900 rare bottles and a comprehensive cocktail menu that features all the classics. Spirit sommeliers and librarians (aka "bartenders") are on hand to make recommendations, but you can learn more by taking a class at Spirit School in "Rare and Precious Bourbon" or "Scotch Whisky." Ward III also traffics in elegance and education, in the form of bespoke cocktails. To craft your perfect drink, a mixologist might ask you to select from among several flavor profiles, such as "easy" and "spirit-forward," or to describe significant tastes. If you'd rather, you can order a standard or signature cocktail, as in the Ward 3 (Maker's Mark bourbon, egg white, apple puree, Angostura bitters, lime and cinnamon).

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