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Must-See Upper East Side

by staff , 02/25/2014

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  • Sushi City
    401 E. 73rd St., 212-249-8583
    Sushi Seki
    1143 First Ave., 212-371-0238
    Sushi of Gari
    402 E. 78th St., 212-517-5340 
    A sushi renaissance, led in part by Sasabune, Sushi Seki and Sushi of Gari, has secured the Upper East Side's status as a destination for finding authentic Japanese flavors. How authentic? Consider the sign marking the entry of Sasabune: "No Spicy Tuna. No California Roll." Sushi Seki and Sushi of Gari, on the other hand, are also distinguished by their innovative seasonings, torch searing and other blasphemous-to-purists culinary flourishes. The omakase at all three restaurants (note, that's all Sasabune serves) is consistently excellent, focusing on flavors, textures and, of course, a standout selection of fresh fish.


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