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by Alyssa Grossman, 10/08/2013

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  • Dessert
    The Upper West Side has a serious sweet tooth. Momofuku Milk Bar consistently makes a habit of sabotaging diets via Instagram, and the little shop's treats consistently live up to their photogenic qualities. The menu here is imaginative enough to put Willy Wonka to shame. There's cereal milk soft-serve ice cream, candy bar pie and birthday-cake truffles complete with sprinkles, just to name a few options. Ask anyone in the neighborhood were you can get a good chocolate-chip cookie and odds are they'll point you in the direction of Levain Bakery. You'll also find oatmeal-raisin and chocolate with peanut-butter-chip varieties, muffins and baguettes stuffed with butter and jam. The line here may seem daunting, but it moves quickly and is worth the wait. Also in the neighborhood, Italian dessert spot Bomboloni has upped the doughnut ante. It serves those fried pastries stuffed with fruit and cream, in such flavors as blood orange, Meyer lemon, amaretto and toasted chocolate marshmallow. And the bacon-as-dessert trend reigns supreme at Baconery, where you can find a sweet-and-salty snack for yourself and your four-legged friend (bacon dog treats shaped like pigs, anybody?). Bacon is baked into brownies and cookies, incorporated into lollipops and caramels and covered in a variety of chocolates and toppings. For those looking to splurge on a sweet, the shop also offers a chocolate-covered piece of bacon dusted with 23-karat gold. 

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