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Must-See Washington Heights

by Laura Kusnyer, 07/31/2013

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  • Dyckman and Dyckman
    There are two Dyckman Street subway stops in Washington Heights—one on the A line at Inwood Plaza and another farther east on the 1 line. Both sides represent the neighborhood's predominantly Dominican heritage, but in different ways. The area west of the A train is often called "up and coming" and buzzes with hip bars and the pulse of electronic music. The sounds change, however, as you approach the 1 train, where chimichurri (Dominican burger) and frío-frío (snow cone) vendors blare bachata and reggaeton beats—which they might have picked up at popular Quisqueya Record, a shop named after a slang term for Hispaniola. When it's hot outside, parents and grandparents relax in beach chairs on the sidewalk while the little ones have a ball in water gushing from fire hydrants. Locals might pick up a slice at Pizza Palace or a café con leche and Dominican sweet treat at Kenny Bakery. It's not an affluent area—don't expect fancy shops and restaurants—but its spirit is the foundation the new Washington Heights was built upon.

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