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Must-See Washington Square

by Jonathan Zeller, Christina Parrella and Jonathan Durbin, 10/02/2013

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  • Village Chess @ Zinc
    82 W. 3rd St., 212-475-8130
    The Chess Forum
    219 Thompson St., 212-475-2369
    For years, Thompson Street supported two rival chess emporia. The Village Chess Shop came first, opening in 1972. It closed its doors in late 2012, but an heir has resurfaced at the Zinc Bar, a jazz and world-music venue. The store offers plenty of chess-playing opportunities ($3 an hour, $1 a game), plus a variety of chessboards and game-related accessories for sale). The Chess Forum, open daily from 11am to midnight, was founded in 1995 by a former employee of the Village Chess Shop. It offers a diverse range of sets, software and accessories. (Those who want to play with characters from The Lord of the Rings or James Bond movies, take note.) That both stores call the Village home is no surprise—chess is a crowd favorite in Washington Square Park, where the game is played outdoors year-round.

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