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Must-See Washington Square

by Jonathan Zeller, Christina Parrella and Jonathan Durbin, 10/02/2013

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  • West 4th Street Courts
    Sixth Avenue and West 4th Street
    West 4th Street's iconic basketball court—colloquially called "The Cage" because a chain-link fence (20 feet high on a few of the sides) boxes players into a smaller-than-regulation playing surface—has been a proving ground for such NBA stars as Stephon Marbury and Anthony Mason. It's been immortalized in film, print and video games. The tight quarters and talented teams make for fast-paced, ferocious competition in the court's summer league, which explains the crowd that gathers—surrounding sidewalks are constantly filled with fans eagerly awaiting the next alley-oop or resounding rejection. The playground also includes popular public handball courts.

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