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Must-See Washington Square

by Jonathan Zeller, Christina Parrella and Jonathan Durbin, 10/02/2013

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  • Vegetarian's Paradise 2
    144 W. 4th St., 212-260-7130
    Red Bamboo
    140 W. 4th St., 212-260-7049
    These similar restaurants (which used to share the same kitchen) on West 4th Street dish out vegetarian fare of the indulgent mock-meat variety. Dishes like "Peking Spare Ribs" and "Creole Soul Chicken" may not contain any actual flesh, but they are quite hearty—perfect comfort food for those who don't eat the real stuff. VP2 and Red Bamboo will both do nicely for vegetarian date nights or for students who want to entertain parents visiting from out of town. Those on a budget should check out the lunch specials, which are outstanding deals. And don't miss out on the juices, available both hot and cold—we're partial to the apple-lemon-ginger.

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