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Must-See West Village

by David Sokol, 03/30/2011

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  • Magnolia
    401 Bleecker St., 212-462-2572
    Although cupcakes have loosened their grip on New York, there are still many reasons to stop by the birthplace of the craze—Magnolia—for a bite. This sweet spot makes numerous alternatives to cupcakes: mile-high slices of red velvet and other cakes, sunshiney lemon squares, not-too-gooey peanut butter bars and head-spinning banana pudding. The brownies that are both moist and flaky, and you'll want to enjoy some at home with the house coffee that Magnolia sells by the 12-ounce bag. The signature treat is quite worthy of revisiting, too, as each crumbly little cake is piled with powerfully sweet, slightly crystalline icing. Those who are avoiding calories altogether can take pleasure in the sight of Blodgett ovens and the interior's sweet aroma, so persistent that you can almost taste the sinfulness.

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