Must-Try Burgers

by Julie Besonen, 02/15/2012

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  • The American hamburger has built empires. As a people, we can't get enough of them. How else to explain why a burger is on nearly every menu in the City? Old-school renditions have a strong following at '21' Club and Peter Luger (where burgers are served only at lunch). Minetta Tavern's sensational Black Label burger has played a hand in the bistro's wild popularity. Back Forty's tasty, grass-fed beef patties are of the virtuous variety thanks to responsible sourcing. A custom blend of luscious Black Angus beef makes BLT Burger stand out, while the winning blend at Shake Shack is so lionized that the chain is spreading quicker than an overturned bottle of ketchup. Still others swear by the roadside-style Corner Bistro burger to satisfy late-night cravings. Naming the top five burgers in the City hasn't been easy. Take a look—you might find some surprises here in our roundup of our favorites.

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