NYC's Best Pizza Slices

by Adam Kuban, 10/07/2014 [Updated 02/03/2016]

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  • Di Fara Pizza
    1424 Avenue J, 718-258-1367, Midwood, Brooklyn
    There is almost no pizzeria in NYC these days more polarizing than Di Fara. Known for its hours-long waits and high prices ($5 for a regular slice), it has as many detractors as rabid fans. It's a must-visit pizzeria, though—if only to say you've been. The slice to get here is the semi-dried cherry tomato pizza, a recent addition (relatively speaking, that is—the place has been around since 1964) to the pizzeria's menu. The partially dried tomatoes offer juicy hits of concentrated flavor, like summer distilled into a bite. In fact, the semi-dried cherry tomato pizza has become so popular that according to Di Fara manager Margaret Mieles, it has eclipsed the pizzeria's artichoke slice as its number one specialty slice.

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