Must-Try Sandwiches (Part Deux)

by Julie Besonen

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  • Minetta Tavern 
    113 MacDougal St., 212-475-3850, Greenwich Village, Manhattan
    "It's always so crowded" is about the only complaint ever leveled at Keith McNally's enchanting Minetta Tavern. That problem is somewhat alleviated by the fact that the bistro now serves lunch three days a week, requiring a minimum of advance planning. You'll see the same clubby crowd of sophisticates, but fewer in number, and the service is just as welcoming and sharp. Lunch (Wednesday through Friday, noon to 3pm) is the only time you can order the mind-blowing French dip sandwich. Constructed of thinly sliced beef on a toasted baguette, it's even more sublime after its obligatory dip in intense, beefy broth. Frenchman Philippe Mathieu, who invented the French dip after accidentally dropping a roll in pan juices at a restaurant in Los Angeles in 1918, would be proud.

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