Must-Try Sandwiches

by Julie Besonen, 07/21/2010

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  • New York City's best sandwiches are like jazz, improvised and surprising, an art form created by passionate people with unassailable technique. Bread and ingredients are versatile, from old-fashioned to modern, domestic to international. Sometimes you want to savor a sandwich alone and sometimes with a crowd. If it's killer enough, a sandwich can be the high point of your day. This workingman's staple has gained newfound prestige, becoming a serious subject that's hotly debated among the City's cognoscenti. Appetites for them are relentless, giving New Yorkers reason to deplete their MetroCard balances in pursuit of euphoric culinary revelation. It wasn't easy, but we've narrowed down our picks to 10 sandwich destinations that deserve hall-of-fame status. You'll eat up the restaurants highlighted in our slideshow (and then feast on their sandwiches)—we can guarantee satisfaction.

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