new york secrets

by Anna Balkrishna and Erin O’Hara

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  • Pomander Walk
    Twenty-seven buildings resembling Tudor homes with colorful doors, shutters and timber frames grace this gated street that's tucked away on the Upper West Side, nearly completely out of view to passersby. Comissioned by 1910s-era restaurateur and Irish émigré Thomas Healy, Pomander Walk—which is modeled after an old London street and the set of a stage play, both of the same name—earned landmark status in 1982. Surrounded by buildings that tower hundreds of feet above its rooftops, this pedestrian-only lane of residences is a peaceful respite from the people and cars that hustle and bustle past its wrought-iron gates every day, unaware of the sanctuary within. You can't access the haven unless you have a key or know someone who does, but the picturesque spot is still worth a peek through the gate. —EO

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