new york secrets

by Anna Balkrishna and Erin O’Hara

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  • Berlin Wall Remnants 
    In the lobby of the office building at 520 Madison Avenue is an unexpected piece of history. Five sections of the Berlin Wall, in total measuring 12 feet high and 20 feet long, are on display featuring the dazzling work by German artists Thierry Noir and Kiddy Citny. The opposite side of the wall, however, remains a blank slab of concrete—a reminder of the oppressive political climate in the former East Germany. This Cold War remnant was bought in 1990 by real estate mogul Jerry I. Speyer (of Tishman Speyer, which owns the buildling), and displayed in Paley Park next door until it was removed for restoration and preservation work in 2015. When it was returned, it was placed in the lobby so that it won't be subject to the elements, and is open for viewing by the pubilc seven days a week. —AB

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