new york secrets

by Anna Balkrishna and Erin O’Hara

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  • Staten Island Boat Graveyard
    One of the spookiest places in town is the Staten Island Boat Graveyard. Located far from the urban bustle in Rossville, Staten Island, this swampy patch of the Arthur Kill Road waterway is the final resting place for dozens of rusting, decomposing and abandoned boats of all sizes. In the film Graves of Arthur Kill, two filmmakers document the history of the site and its boats. The rotting ship hulls, protruding from the watery depths, are oddly majestic and beautiful (but also kind of gross; we recommend wearing long pants and sturdy shoes if you go). The gravesite is located off of Arthur Kill Road near Rossville Avenue, about 13 miles by bike or car from the ferry terminal. As of 2013, there's no longer a public path all the way to the water, but you can steal a glimpse of the boats before a padlocked fence gets in your way. It's a truly forgotten corner of the City. —AB

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